At the behest of my friends

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My friends and allies in the Beacons of Hope have asked me to resume my blog. So here I am once again, ready to work on this and optimistic once again, thinking I will keep this going, although I will have the urgings of my friends to keep it going this time.

ahh, a thought for you. We often say we are doing our very best and that we believe in ourselves and what we are doing. If this is the case then we should be succeeding in what we are attempting to do. I firmly believe now that if you TRULY have faith in yourself and what you are doing that your goals and desires can be attained. Proper due diligence in attending to your duties combined with an indefatigueable spirit should generally yield the desired results. Desire must be there as well, because without desire there is no cause for ambition, other than for ambition’s sake, which leaves one more or less a slave to themselves. OK, enough rambling. Have a great day everyone!


Sometimes the Lord gives you a chance to say i’m sorry

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Recently, I was looking on the internet to see if I could find someone. I did. An ex girlfriend that I hadn’t seen in 21 years. I was not the best of people back then, and I made a lot of stupid decisions. Without going into detail, I will say this. I hurt her more than she ever deserved, and it was not my proudest moment.

I have been talking back and forth with her lately, and got to speak to her for the first time in two decades today. Her life isn’t perfect, neither is mine, but we were able to talk like old friends, and learn how each other is doing. I got a chance to apologize to a wonderful lady who, despite the tough points in her life, is still able to count every single blessing the Lord has bestowed upon her.

I am grateful for the chance.

A song that I have always loved.

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I wanted to share this with anyone who haven’t heard these three ladies before. I listen to music frequently when I am unable to sleep and trying to do so. Often times celtic music will let me rest even when silence is too loud.

These ladies sing with superb harmony, rising and falling pitches blending in a way that declares in a loud voice… Some songs need no instrumental support.

I actually fell in love with this song as a very young man. I would dig out my Mother’s Clancey Brothers albums… (Ye gods and little fishies… I remember when all you could really get for some music was a record.) I loved hearing Tommy Makem and the Clancey Brothers singing this song. It was happy, it was sad, it was a song of peace and love to their fellows.

This song also reminds me of one year when we went to a Folk Festival at Kerrville Texas. I went there actually hoping to catch a performance by Alan Damron. I had hopes that he would sing a song… Nancy Whiskey, I think it was, wherein the lines that for some reason seem to fit parts of my life with horrid accuracy now.

The lines in question. The more I kissed her the more I loved her, the more I loved her the more she smiled. Soon forgot my mothers teachins, Nancy had me so beguiled.

For me that song was a bit of a warning. One that I failed, unfortunately to heed early on. The dangers of drink, the disasters that can be caused by imbibing overly much of strong drink. I am fortunate that among my many health issues, the one issue I don’t have to deal with is a malfunctioning liver…(Although there is a risk that could change with the meds I am taking.)

Which brings me to my next thought…Why is it that medication to solve one problem usually brings with it a half dozen other problems, which then need medication to deal with? It must be the deviousness of drug makers who want to ensure that ALL of their products are being used by as many people as possible.
“DAMN THE SIDE EFFECTS, FULL SPEED AHEAD” Of course, this attitude has led to countless class action lawsuits by people who suffered irreperable damage at the hands of drug makers. Sadly, it has also led to families of people who have died as a result of using those medications suing as well. It makes me wonder why drug testing isn’t prolonged in some respects to ensure the safety of the medication, and, failing that, why there aren’t stronger safeguards on the testing process. Why not have a governmental agent who is trained as an MD sit in on all clinical trials? It would make more sense, and reports would have at least a touch more difficulty in being skewed by the manufacturer.

Ok, as I am starting to rant, I shall depart.
Good night, and joy be with you all.

A brief Update and announcement of resumption of blogging

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I confess it. I am nearly as bad about updating my blog as I am about letter writing… no, wait, I tell a lie… I would have to be dead to be worse at letter writing. I don’t know why I have such a problem writing letters. I really don’t, but I can say that as far as this horrid letter writer is concerned, E-mail is a blessing. I can update quickly, messages get to the people I want them to, and they can be sent to multiple people without having to invest in a stamp.

On to the newest news, My Angel and I were both honored by the game DragonFable right at the end of last month along with a handful of gamers. We were, eight of us, animated into the game. It was a cutscene in a war, and we are labelled as Eric Ravenwing and Lady Ravenwing. It was quite the honor and was a bit of fun as well.

I have recently started going to church again, and I am making a conscious effort to go steadily. It’s not that I don’t want to go to church- I just have this horrid habit of becoming focused on some things to the detriment of others. I can drive my wife crazy by carrying on a conversation with her and typing something totally different on the computer (Without even making spelling errors- which drives her even crazier), but my ability to hear something outside of what I am focused on is a tad bit selective, and so if I start something and my Angel wants to say something to me, she needs to tell me to look at her… otherwise she gets “Uh huh” “yes Dear” and occasionally the “I love you too” out of left field. It’s maddening I know, and the Lord bless her for her patience.

For now I am out of here, but I will be trying to blupdate daily again.

I promise.

Don’t hurt yourself laughing.

A Moment of Silence

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Let us bow our heads for a moment of silence. Yesterday morning marked the passing of a legend. Ronnie James Dio, your passion for your music showed in your work. From your earliest days all the way through your time with Black Sabbath, your voice was marked with a hint of rage and righteous indignation. It spoke volumes to thousands and thousands of teenagers when I was a child, and I suspect it remained so right up to now and even beyond.

My deepest sympathies go out to his family, please know that my prayers are with you.

Rest in peace, Ronnie James Dio… Forever your vocals will ring out in the hearts and minds of your fans. May you know peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. You will be missed.

Back from Texas

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So… my Angel and I have returned from a MARVELOUS trip to Texas. For those of you who DO actually read the blog; if you have not yet had a chance to do so, I simply MUST recommend a trip to see Caddo Lake. The sight of the cyprus trees, draped with spanish moss, growing up from the water is just gorgeous! East Texas bears a great deal of beauty for those who love nature.

The trip itself was wonderful, although I must admit… I HATE flying. I get motion sick, and the sickening feeling of the plane lurching and dropping as it adjusts for its various needs- especially approaches and landings. I am NOT an air person.

My Angel had an absolute blast as my sisters, the ever incomperable Izzy Bella and Chaucerian Girl took her out shopping. She came back with a great deal of happiness draped from her very being. She loves the feeling of having sisters in her life who actually WISH to spend time visiting with her.

I got to see several Uncles again, some of whom I have not seen in well over twenty years. If my uncles DO get a chance to read this, I just want you all to know, it was truly a blessing to get to see you all again.

Mom, as always, it was a wonderful pleasure to see you again as well. You will always be the Great Lady, and you will always hold a special place in my heart. You are a great inspiration to me to strive to succeed.

To Lee; I have taken what you said into account, and am trying to work on those issues you discussed with me. Thank you for your thoughts.

If my cousin sees this… It was a delight to meet you. Your sons seem exceptionally bright and quite inquisitive. I hope we get more chances to visit with each other.

All in all the trip was magnificent, and I hope to be able to post pictures soon.

Farewell for now dear readers… I must rest as yesterday I inadvertently acted as the amazing human pinball, and my back has had choice words for me ever since.

Living Quarters

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It is certainly time to find a new place to live. Our oven has a gas leak, so they had to shut off the gas to the oven. This means that until they have the time and/or money to replace it, we are back to cooking anything we DO eat on an electric skillet or in the microwave. Now, I don’t mind doing that if I know that the place I am staying at doesn’t have an oven or cooktop of some kind. But when one is shelling out seven hundred dollars a month for a place with a stove, the stove should damned well work.

They are telling us that they can’t afford a new stove, and keep trying to get their maintanance guy to come fix the stove. They actually have TWO of them. One says the stove needs to be replaced and is therefore NOT working on it. The other one claimed he fixed it yesterday. Riiigghhhtt. First off, he never came into our apartment, so I would LOVE to know how he managed to do that. Secondly, I rather suspect he was drunk… again, as is his wont. Thirdly, he thinks that a gas leak is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s not TOO bad. Hey… wake up. any leak is too bad to put up with.

The leak was so bad that my Angel had the mother of all headaches for several days straight. We REALLY need to find a new place, but we are holding out until April, when we should have enough to finally make our move. We will be happier once we get to Texas, I am sure.